TOP 5 – Best Foam Rollers From Experience Our Test (2021)

After a hard and intense workout, there is one thing that is certain, muscle soreness. In addition to getting enough protein and getting enough rest, there are other things you can do to counteract the muscle soreness, such as foam rolling.

A foam roller is meant to massage your muscles. It is of course not realistic to visit the masseur or masseuse every day, this is why the foam roller is so extremely handy. With the foam roller, you no longer need a massage, you can arrange this yourself.

With regular use of the foam roller, you will suffer from muscle pain to a lesser extent and you will therefore be ready for your next workout faster.

These aren’t the only benefits you get from rolling out your muscles on a regular basis.

Other benefits include:
Improve muscle balance.
Increase the range of motion of muscles and joints.
Reducing the risk of muscle injuries.
Improving your blood circulation

Our top 5 foam rollers

The best 5 foam rollers are:

Trigger Point The Grid X
Tunturi Yoga Grid
Tunturi Yoga Massage Roller
Gymstick Pro Foam Grid
AJ-Sports Foam roller set

1. TriggerPoint The Grid X – Foam Roller

The Triggerpoint Grid X claims to be the most intensive foam roller available. We can confirm that this foam roller is one of the most intensive rollers we have tested.

The foam roller has distrodensity zones, making the roller suitable for massaging the muscle in three different ways.


The Grid foam roller is made of durable material. The outside consists of EVA foam that consists of different density zones. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is a durable material that is mainly used in the production of high-quality products. The foam roller is designed to be used intensively over a longer period of time and has been tested for weights up to 230 kg!


The surface of the Grid X foam roller consists of a layer of soft foam, which makes the roller feel more comfortable on bare skin. Looking at the hardness of the roller, it falls into the medium category. This makes the foam roller suitable for most people and muscle groups.

The surface consists of three different zones. These zones can be used for different types of massages. The three zones of The Grid X foam roller are: Tubular, high & firm and low & flat. Each zone simulates a specific massage treatment.


Like most foam rollers, the Triggerpoint Grid X has a length of 33cm. The foam roller is, therefore, suitable to take with you to the gym in your sports bag. Due to the strong material, the roller can bear a weight of up to 190kg.

2. The Tunturi Yoga Grid Foam Roller

The Tunturi Yoga Grid is perhaps the most well-known and popular foam roller and we don’t think that is surprising. The roller is made of durable materials and is very competitively priced.


The foam roller is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). This is a copolymer of polyethylene and vinyl acetate, so the material is more expensive than PE alone and is mainly used for high-quality products.

The material has elastic properties, which is of course very useful in the case of a foam roller. This ensures that the material will not crack or break after intensive use.


The Tunturi Yoga Grid has a hard surface with distrodensity zones. This means that there are different zones on the foam roller that differ in width and firmness. This gives you the luxury of choosing from two different types of massage, using a different part of the foam roller.

In general, the surface is hard, this surface will give you the best massages. Would you like to use the roller for extremely sore and stiff muscles? Then a roller with a less hard surface is probably a better choice.


The foam roller is available in two different lengths, 33cm, and 61cm. If you want to easily take the roller with you in your sports bag, it is wise to choose the smallest version. If you mainly use it at home, a longer foam roller can be especially nice for rolling out your back muscles in the full width.

3. Tunturi Yoga massage roller

The Tunturi Yoga massage roller is a foam roller that you can use well with your yoga and Pilates exercises. In addition, the foam roller has a slightly softer surface, which makes massaging a bit more comfortable than foam rollers with a hard surface.


The Tunturi foam roller is made of EVA foam. In addition to the material being made of durable EVA, the roller is also completely closed.

Lower-quality hollow rollers have the risk of tearing with prolonged use. Because this dense foam roller is completely made of soft and flexible foam, you don’t have to be afraid of this.


The surface consists of soft and supple foam material. The roller is therefore suitable for giving comfortable massages. Examples of this are the rolling out of muscles with an injury. You want to roll this out gently and gently, ideally with a soft and flexible roller.

Are you specifically looking for a foam roller for hard and intense massages? Then we recommend choosing a foam roller with a harder surface.


The Tunturi foam roller has a length of 40cm. This makes it slightly longer than most standard 33cm rollers. We have found that this extra length is especially useful when rolling out the entire back muscles.

4. Gymstick Pro Foam Grid Roller

The Gymstick Pro Foam Grid Roller is ideal for removing painful muscle knots and improving blood flow. Gymstick even claims that the roller can help reduce scar tissue.

The roller’s excellent trigger points are designed to nestle deep into muscle fibers. These nubs enhance the massage effect and are therefore suitable for athletes who want to get the most out of their massage.

With the purchase of the Gymstick Pro, you get free access to various training videos. In these videos, different exercises are clearly explained and you can see how you can use the foam roller. This makes the foam roller unique and therefore it definitely deserves a place in our top 5!


The material consists of durable EVA with a vinyl perimeter. This ensures that the roller offers enough support, while still feeling comfortable. This also makes the roller suitable for use on bare skin.


The Gymstick Pro has a different surface than what we saw with the previous foam rollers. Large studs are used that are designed to put a lot of pressure on muscle knots.

This makes the foam roller suitable for the person who suffers from muscle knots and poor circulation. Because a high amount of pressure is placed from the studs on those muscle knots, you push the connective tissue aside, giving the muscle more freedom of movement.


Like most foam rollers, the Gymstickpro has a length of 32 centimeters. This makes the foam roller suitable to take anywhere in your sports bag. Until now, the foam roller is only available in black.

5. AJ-Sports Foam Roller set

We took the AJ-Sports Foam Roller set with us because it is one of the better deals at the moment. In addition to the foam roller, you will also receive a number of handy accessories for free.

The set consists of the foam roller, resistance band, massage setting, massage stick, massage ball, and a carrying bag.


The material consists of durable EVA foam and PVC. The massage stick also consists of durable EVA foam and high-quality rubber material. Just like the roller, the massage ball consists of EVA foam in combination with PVC.


The surface of the AJ-Sports foam roller is very hard, making it suitable for hard and intense massages. If you have extremely sensitive or sore muscles, we would recommend a foam roller with lower hardness.

In the case of the AJ-Sports combi set, you can also use the foam stick for this. This is made of a softer rubber material and is therefore suitable for sensitive and painful muscles.


The set comes with a handy carrying bag and two lockable caps for the accessories. So you can take the entire set with you everywhere you go with a handy bag. The roller itself, like most standard rollers, has a length of 33 centimeters.

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